Tending the next generation of witches.





First, all credit where credit is due: Raising Witches was inspired by the “Tending the Descendants” workshop created and facilitated by Bee at the 2021 Winter Spiralheart Convergence virtual camp.
One of the things that kept coming up in our discussions during the workshop was the desire for connection – connection to other parents, connection to resources, and connection to our Godds, Ancestors, and the world around us. Existing spaces for witchy parents are limited, and so far there hasn’t been a space focused on the beautiful, challenging, and unique work of raising the next generation of witchy children. Out of an abundance of love and a little bit of wariness, Raising Witches was created on February 14th, 2021.

Why not pagans, wiccans, or heathens?

Good question! Raising Witches is created to be an intentionally inclusive site, so anyone who identifies as a witch and shares our values of inclusion, kindness, and empathy is welcomed! We also know that there are many who identify as witches but don’t follow pagan paths – there are Jewish witches, Christian witches, Atheist witches – who still want and need support and community in raising their magical kiddos. For that reason, we’re Raising Witches – ALL witches!

What’s the plan?

Pfft. What isn’t the plan?! Right now, we’re planning for a number of blogs by different authors all touching on (or centering) parenting magical kiddos. We’re currently reaching out to some truly amazing writers and thinkers, but in the meantime if you have folx you think have something to say about all this witchy parenting business, we hope you’ll send them our way! And if that sounds like you, we absolutely want to hear from you!

In the not-too-distant future, we’ve got even bigger plans – we’ll have podcasts, videos, reviews, and live gatherings. If you’d like to be updated about when each of these goes live (or when new bloggers join our adventure!), you can always subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form on our main page here!

When will this all happen?

Soon! We’re already reaching out to writers and creators, and we’re blessed to have good friends sharing the word. Blogs (besides this one, which will just be for site news) will start appearing in the coming week, and we plan for our first podcast to be released by March 17th!

I have more questions!

Great! We would love to hear them. Head right over to our contact page and send us a message with your questions, requests, ideas, or comments.

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