About Raising Witches

Raising Witches was inspired by a gathering of pagan and witch parents at a recent virtual conference. It was created to facilitate collaboration, communication, and resources for witchy parents and guardians who are raising little witches themselves. While we’re still in our infancy – puns always intended – we’ve got big ideas, lots of hope, and a passion for exploring just what it means to be a witchy parent, whatever path folx are traveling.


About our values

Raising Witches is intended to be a site that practices both inclusion and accountability. Our goal is to create space for diverse voices to share their experiences, knowledge, skills, and ideas about all aspects of being a witch and a parent. To that end, we strive to have diverse representation in regards to race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, and ability. We also welcome those from diverse spiritual and religious traditions.


About Elliot

Elliot Director (he/him/his) is a trans witch, a partner and dad of an amazingly weird toddler, and a recovering academic living and working outside of Cleveland, Ohio. When he’s not thinking about parenting magical smols, he’s writing and teaching about gender inclusion in witchcraft, gathering and studying with his circle of witches in Northeast Ohio, or on yet another Torghast run. His witch writing has appeared on Patheos Pagan’s Agora under “Beyond Binary Witchcraft” and on The Witches Box under “Candles and Crayons.”